Cut 7.6.3

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An application in Spanish to get the best cut out of metal, wood, glass, etc.

In certain businesses the optimum cut from a material is essential to make considerable savings. This is the reason for this application, called Cut.

Cut has been developed as an application to obtain the optimum and perfect cut, to get more efficiency and effectiveness out of each one. It has optimization techniques like linear and dynamic programming, and also powerful heuristic algorithms and variable pattern generation.

Cut can be used to cut different materials (metal, wood, glass, fabric, paper, plastic, aluminium, steel, iron, etc) in diverse formats (cables, bars, etc). You can make calculations on the different patterns in multiple situations, and combine different materials, sizes and quantities.

The measurement units in Cut are configurable, and so to are the label formats. Cut also lets you generate printouts, import/export to MS Excel, export the resulting drawing to AutoCAD, etc.


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